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Updated November 23, 2009

CVAS member Marty Niemi's home page of astrophotography and CCD usage

CVAS member Joe Petrick's home page.

Sky and Telescope Sky and Telescopes Home Page 

Astronomy Magazine 

Ohio Turnpike Astronomer's Association Northeast Ohio consortium of astronomy clubs 

Cuyahoga Astronomical Association

Warren Rupp Observatory And their host, the Richland Astronomy Association. 

Black River Astronomical Society

Mahoning Valley Astronomical Society

Ritter Planetarium and Brooks Observatory - University of Toledo 

IDA - The International Dark-Sky Association 

Satellite Prediction Site Predict Satellite observations for your location. Includes MIR, the Space Station, the Space Shuttle and many, many other satellites. 

Case Western University - Frontiers of Astronomy Lecture Series and other Astronomy talks held at the University and at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Clear Sky Clock for Indian Hill Observatory.

Starry Night Lights - Offers Night Sky Friendly Outdoor Lighting Products

Special Photos:
October 30, 2003 Aurora