CVAS is proud to announce the birth of it's 2nd observatory on Indian Hill.  The 12 inch Meade with it's updated
electronics will be an excellent complement to the existing 16 inch.  

Larry and I did a road trip to Cumberland, Maryland on July 9, 2003 to pick up the 10 foot home dome.   A couple of weeks later,
construction began on the building.  Following are a few pictures of the trip and the construction.  As of this August 5
writing, most of the building work is done.  A paint job and dropping in the scope are the next major projects.     Thanks to
the many donors who helped fund this project and to the members pictured below who assisted in it's construction.

These are low resolution pics so they load fast for those with dial-up connections.    When you're done viewing, click your
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Larry checking out another dome at the pick up site.  

Larry Checking out another Dome at the pickup site
Loading the Dome into Marty's pickup

Loading the Dome into Marty's pickup
Dropping off the dome at Jim's house a week before construction.
Drop off at Jim's House
Larry and Jim cutting up some trees on the southwest of the hill to lower our horizons.  Construction started about July 18.
Clearing out some trees before observatory construction
Marty drilling the corners.

Digging the post holes
Larry and Joe mix cement for the post holes.

Larry and Joe mix cement for the post holes
Cement poured into the telescope pier
Cement poured in the telescope pier
Marty making sure the corners are squared.
Marty chalking up the corners
Joe, Larry, Jeff and Marty doing the framing

Marty, Jeff and Steve working on the walls.

Walls going up.
Joe putting the dome together.

Joe working on the dome interior

Jeff and Marty checking out the dome alignment on the building.

Putting the dome on top of the building
Completed dome looking southeast.

Completed dome looking east
Completed dome looking southwest.

Completed dome looking east.

The new building after the paint job.

The Dome building painted
The dedication on November 8, 2003.  In thanks to Keith and Shirley Richards for the generous use of their property, we dedicated the observatory in their honor.

And here's a picture of NGC 891 taken with the new scope.

And, a picture of the globular cluster, M15.