Indian Hill - The Building Foundation

Updated February 2, 2002

The building foundation was the next major phase. We finally decided on a full foundation for the building, which would eventually become 2 rooms; the telescope room and a warm-up room. During the summer of 1980, we had a local farmer dig the foundation for us, dumped a load of gravel in the hole, then had a cement guy drop a load of cement as the base of the foundation.

We figured that we would need about 300 cinder blocks to create a 4 course foundation. For the next month, various members transported the blocks in cars and trucks, then hauled them up the hill. At that time, my uncle was in the construction business, so I was able to sneak some of his crew out to the Hill one November 1980 day to lay the block for us (it was also a freebie). It would have taken us several weekends to figure it out and get the job done. To this day, my uncle never found out what his men did that day.

Doug Caprette loads a truck with gravel that goes into the foundation.

CVAS members pose with the 300 + cinder blocks the evening before they are put in place by my uncle's men.

A usual CVAS worksession. 1 person working, 2 with a beer and the others inspecting the work. We covered the outer block with water-proofing stuff.

Dan Rothstein and Sam Bennici inspect the clean up job by Ian Cooper.

More clean up work after the foundation is waterproofed

Unfortunately, the bricklayers only put in 3 courses of block, so we spent the next season (and several weekends) just laying the final course. Pipe was also laid on the outside walls to provide for adequate drainage.

Indian Hill was now ready for the building.

Special Photos:
October 30, 2003 Aurora