Bob Rickert 's Photos

Updated December 3, 2002

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Pelican Nebula

Pelican Nebula. This picture appears in the January 2003 issue of Sky and Telescope


M13. One of the best globular clusters seen in the northern hemisphere.  Look for the small galaxy at the 11 o'clock position from M13.


M17. The Omega Nebula


M20. The Trifid Nebula. 

M33 in the Constellation Triangulum

M33.  Visually, M33 is a disappointing object in most amateur scopes because of low surface brightness.  Bob's photo brings out the subtle details.

M81-82 in Ursa Major

M81 & M82. Two easy to find galaxies in the constellation Ursa Major.

Veil Nebula

The Veil Nebula.  In the constellation Cygnus.  Once thought to be a hard to find object, it can be easily seen in binoculars at
a dark sky location.

Special Photos:
October 30,  2003 Aurora